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Benefit Plan Improvements

2008-06-11 11:44:39
April 1, 2008

Dear Plan Member:


The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce improvements to the Benefit Plan for any eligible expenses incurred on or after May 1, 2008.  The improvements are listed below:

Benefit Plan Improvements
Short Term Disability $385/week $450/week
Long Term Disability $1800/month max $2500/month (70% of basic earnings less other sources)
Life Insurance 50,000 75,000
Dental - Major 50% 80%
Dental Fee Guide 2005 2007
Dental Year Max $1,500 $2,500
Prescriptions 90% 95%
Safety Eye Wear No Coverage $100/year – Members only – from last date of service
Laser Eye Surgery No Coverage $500 lifetime max, no vision 5 years
Physio $20/visit, max $200/calendar year $30/visit, max $400/calendar year
Chiropractor $30/visit, max $400/year after AHC pick up extra billing
Massage $20/visit, max $200/calendar year $30/visit, max $400/calendar year
Orthotics No Coverage $300 every 2 years – from last date of service
Custom Ear Plugs No Coverage $200 once every 2 years – from last date – Members only

In addition, all claims as of May 1, 2008 will be processed from our Edmonton office.  We have obtained the services of Employee Benefit Plan Services Ltd. which will result in reduced administrative costs as well as more efficient claims processing.  Members are welcome to bring in their claims to the Edmonton office and receive a cheque usually within 45 minutes.  New claim forms will be available May 2008 from our office and will be posted on our website at once it is complete (anticipate May 2008).

With regard to the Pension Plan, we have filed an Amendment with Alberta Finance for improvements to the Retirement Benefit Schedule retroactive to May 1, 2007.  We anticipate their approval prior to the April 30th year end; therefore, the new Retirement Benefit Schedule will be reflected on your Pension Statements to come out in July, 2008.

Revised Plan Booklets will be sent with your Pension Statements and will detail the new Retirement Benefit Schedule as well as the above Benefit improvements.

Yours truly,

Rick Evjen
Chairman of the Board

On behalf of The Board of Trustees

Marcel Alain    Julius Hajdu
Reg Bruce       Allen Hettinger
Court Deedo    Bryan Rooney
Tom Wilkinson